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Automatic tube heading machine

  • Automatic tube heading machine
Automatic tube heading machine

Automatic squeeze tube making line /heading machine for multilayer /coextruded seamless plastic squeeze /squeezable /collapsible PE tubes:

Most advanced heading technology, compressing moulding with upright mandrels are adopted. The machine is driven and controlled by the most advanced Servo Mechanism, especially for the quantitative dosing and high-pressure compressing/shaping process. No hydraulic technology is adopted during the whole running.

Our technology has the advantages of better moulding in shorter time, lower energy consumption and sharp reduction in mould size, compared with the traditional injection moulding technology.

The traditional injection moulding asks for 6 production processes, while compressing moulding only requires 5 processes: 1.tube feeding/loading, 2.dosing molten PE granules(quantitative as needed), 3.compressing/shaping(with upright mandrels and water-cooling), 4.cooling, 5.removing tubes. Meanwhile, our machines adopt rotary production flow. Thus, moulding efficiency is highly improved.

It will take injection moulding at least 10~20seconds to finish the shaping process while it will only take compressing 1.8~3seconds. This is mainly due to the simple open mould and full cooling.

Upper mould direct compresses the molten PE granules→→better moulding performance and full cooling.

Servo motor controls the pressure to mould→→better moulding performance and high moulding efficiency.

Quantitative dosing the molten PE granules→→no waste generates during the whole process, which is more efficient and save energy.

Adopting open mould→→smaller mould and easy to replace. It will take only about 30 minutes to replace the different tube diameters and nozzle moulds.

Carrying with orifice punchers →→orifice punching and tube heading are done at the same time. No orifice punching function is required in the follow-up capping.

Technical data:

Tube diameter


Tube length


Recommended for

Seamless plastic tubes and laminated tubes(ABL/PBL tubes), etc.

Speed up to



Mould simpler and faster to change; complete Servo Mechanism; firmer shoulder bonding; faster to adjust tube length; faster purging; automatic clearing unheaded tubes or defective tubes; nozzle orifice and tube shoulder formed at once, etc.

Optional if surcharging

1. Locating system(I-mark system);2.Tele-support system

Size of machine base(L*W*H)

Around 2400mm*1250mm*2300mm(exclusive of tube feeding conveyor)

Weight of machine

Around 4500kg

(Ligne automatique de tubes en plastique sans soudure / tube cosmétique automatique faisant la machine / tube cosmétique automatique faisant la ligne / ligne de production automatique de tubes cosmétiques; Línea automática de tubos de plástico sin costura / máquina automática de fabricación de tubos cosméticos / línea de fabricación automática de tubos cosméticos / línea de producción automática de tubos cosméticos; Автоматическая линия бесшовных пластиковых труб / автоматическая косметическая машина для производства труб / автоматическая косметическая линия для производства тюбиков / автоматическая линия по производству косметической тубы; خط إنتاج الأنابيب البلاستيكية غير الملحومة الأوتوماتيكية / آلة صنع أنبوب التجميل التلقائي / خط صنع أنبوب التجميل التلقائي / خط إنتاج أنبوب التجميل التلقائي )


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